Build a culture where women thrive.

The Women in Tech Campaign workshops equip women with the latest tools to help them evolve their work culture. We help female leaders be even more effective at driving inclusion, innovation and profit. 

Women in Tech Campaign provides workshops to help you develop your team and have productive conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion. We tackle race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion….all of the sticky subjects. 

We help you have hard conversations, better. By showing you your blind spots and using creative mediums (think beads, drawing, paint) to get you talking. We’ve worked with global leaders like Google, Etsy, Gallup, AOL, and Nokia. Are you ready to dive in? 


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Our history.

Women in Tech Campaign began as a platform to profile women in tech fields from all across the globe. After hearing the personal stories of top female executives, startup founders, mid-level managers, college students and everything in between, we realized that women are experiencing inequity no matter the sector or role. We knew we needed to take action and go beyond storytelling and into action.

We believe that in order to make change, we needed to create unique experiences where leaders can connect with people from different backgrounds and ask the difficult question without fear for a better understanding of the ‘other’ and to widen our networks to include unlikely communities.