Eti Nachum

Tell us your story.

I was the CEO at Lehem Erez (a chain of 21 branches in Israel) where I exposed the brand to the digital world. The work was very time consuming and often complicated. This gave me the idea to start an agency, to help brands engage with people worldwide in the digital era. After leading this agency for 4years I decided it was time to move to a new platform, an company of my own, BlogsRelease. I wanted to enable brands to engage with bloggers all over the world who would then write about them in the click of a button.

In a short period of time we have grown our blogger database to over 4,000 bloggers who use BlogsRelease to get the latest press releases from their favorite brands. As 3 females in the digital market, we found that we actually have an advantage of understanding our bloggers and brands on a personal and creative level.

What do you most want other women and young girls to know about being a woman in our digital culture?

I would love for women and girls to get involved in the digital world as we can really influence and change our communities for the better. The digital culture gives us all the opportunity to learn anything we want, and to help others from across the world. This increases your curiosity and ability to improve your abilities, and the options are never ending. At BlogsRelease we are a female powerhouse team and really encourage women to take their ideas from brainstorming to actual products. Once you realize how much influence you can have in this industry, you can really go forward and succeed.

Pass it on!

My parents inspired me the most due to their innovative ways they lived their lives, and never gave up. I work hard to inspire my children firstly, and secondly I want to inspire young girls to take the first steps into the digital world and to succeed.

The Women in Tech campaign exists to help redefine what women in technology means in the 21st century. Started independently by a group of professional women who, after many impassioned discussions about women in tech knew we wanted to expand this definition beyond ‘traditional’ technology skills. To us, it includes most every current, emerging or evolving role within an organization. By featuring leaders and emerging leaders across industries who embody this we hope to collectively ‘stand up’, be proud of our place in the digital world and inspire young women or those new to the ‘tech space’ to get involved.

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