Luisa Sucre

Tell us about your background: What do you do now, where did you get your start?

I’m an investor at Revolution’s late-stage venture fund. Before Revolution, I spent almost 2 years at GCM Grosvenor’s private markets funds of funds group in NYC.

How do you believe you use your strengths in the context of your work?

I was not surprised relationships was my #1 strength, since attracting and maintaining relationships has been key for me to be able to advance in my career. Given my diverse background, I find myself constantly thinking about how to build bridges to connect different groups of people (socially or professionally), where there may be a mutual benefit in meeting. In the venture capital industry, investors are constantly selling themselves and their firms to founders and vice versa. Having the ability to speak with conviction about my firm and to foster relationships with founders and other investors, helps me continue to grow and strengthen my professional network.

Detail a day in your life — from wake to sleep.

Wake up at 5am and workout (usually a boutique fitness class or a run around the National Mall). Have breakfast and get to the office by 8:15am. Work generally involves a mix of intro calls/meetings with founders, live diligence processes, and longer term projects with teams from existing portfolio companies (i.e. support with fundraising, financial planning, brand strategy, etc.) My go-to quick lunch spots are usually Cava or Sweetgreen (they also happen to be two of our portfolio cos.) If I’m home by 8pm, I usually like to cook dinner and finish the day reading any of the many daily newsletters I didn’t have the chance to read during the day.

Why did you join/start your current company?

The people.

What has been an unexpected challenge along the way?

Being interested in multiple sectors/deals at a time and having to chose and prioritize some over others.

Who or what motivates you?

Fostering economic development, which in the venture world translates to backing companies that are growing rapidly and sustainably.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for. (Immanuel Kant)

Was there a moment in your life where you decided to change paths/pivot? If so, what was it?

Growing up I always thought I would work in the non-profit sector. After I did an internship at Endeavor, my understanding of social impact broadened and I became passionate about high-impact entrepreneurship and economic development. That experience made me pivot my career path to focus on pursuing opportunities in the private sector investing space.

What is one word that describes your leadership style?


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