Melissa Quinn

Tell us about your background: What do you do now, where did you get your start?

I am currently the Corporate Development Manager at RightMesh, a mobile mesh networking company that is focused on changing the way the world connects. From the moment I started at the RightMesh, I felt deeply aligned with the company’s values and mission. My first position was in an Employee Experience (HR) role and I later transitioned into my current role at a time when the company was looking into blockchain technology, crypto currencies, and the impact it could make for RightMesh. The possibility of incorporating these new technologies was fascinating, and I quickly became enthralled with the revolutionary capabilities and disruptive nature of these technologies – not just on one industry, but on the world at large. For me, it was exciting to be part of something new and cutting edge, and I wanted to take every opportunity I could to grow with the industry. It still feels like just the beginning of an exciting journey.

Why did you join/start your current company?

Two of my personal passions are global connectivity and helping others by making a positive impact in the world. Also, I see the importance of establishing core values to guide you through choices in your life and empower you to follow your passions and purpose, so I was aligned with RightMesh’s emphasis on its 10 core values, established since inception, that guide each business and cultural decision. I can honestly say that my time at RightMesh has taught me how to be a better person, a better BCorp business individual, and a better colleague.

That’s just the personal side! On the Corporate Development side of RightMesh, I have learnt so much – I’ve had the opportunity to delve into revolutionary new technology and explore its world-changing capabilities. I truly feel fortunate to be working on something that can make a huge positive social impact; the product itself appeals to my values and my passions.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. I am very driven by teamwork, even though there are times when collaboration can feel like more work than benefit. I have learned, though, that every single person has a unique experience and something different to offer, and I can learn something from each and every one.

Was there a moment in your life where you decided to change paths/pivot? If so, what was it?

Yes! My shift from HR to Corporate Development was a tough transition. I loved HR, but I love my company, and I didn’t want to leave. Personally, it seemed like a huge risk to stay at the company and shift roles completely. Even once I decided to stay, I sometimes questioned my decision. Fortunately, the shift gave me the amazing opportunity to learn about blockchain and crypto currencies and to explore how those technologies could be incorporated into our mesh networking platform. This was enlightening for me. While the transition, and the unknown around the transition, was hard at first, the open mindedness and willingness to try (and, of course, potentially fail) was the pivotal point for me. It made me realize that what’s important for me is taking chances and being willing to live not necessarily according to my plan but rather according to my values and having trust in those who guide me.

What are two words that describe your leadership style?

Curious and inclusive

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