The Story of All Women in Tech.

Emily Rasowsky founded All Women in Tech and the Women in Tech Campaign in 2014 shortly after an article was written about her former colleagues. The article titled ‘the new face of tech’ profiled her co-workers, who were all women and working at a digital agency. Their roles varied-from HR to design. The article, while flattering to her colleagues, got a lot of negative pushback. People in the community and online were sharing concern that this article was diluting the tech world and that women cannot sport the title ‘women in tech’ without a job description that relied heavily on coding. Emily felt this was simply not true and started combatting this perception by telling the intricate stories of women in her network who used tech in their professional lives. The initiative spread instantly and now reaches women all across the globe. The purpose of this work is to more readily identify and celebrate the women who are using tech in creative, impactful ways and may otherwise get overlooked as a leader in the tech field.

We’re on a mission to identify and celebrate the next generation of women leaders in our digital world.

We focus on finding exemplary mid-women who are in digitally enabled roles. Our goal is to encourage women to pursue advancement in their careers through the use of technology and growth of their networks through increased visibility.

We Believe. 

1. Being a woman in tech is not determined by race, age or sexual orientation.
2. Technical skills do not determine someone’s ability to use tech for impact.
3. You can’t solve a problem without seeing it.
4. Celebrating potential is just as important as celebrating achievement.

What We Do.

Our work consists of three key components.

Our Community.

The Team.

Emily Rasowsky, CEO and Founder. Emily has a strong background in technology ecosystem building and business and marketing strategy. Emily has led the ecosystem development of the 6 key opportunity areas of the DC government including smart cities, data science, and analytics, security technology, among others.  She has a background in business strategy and economic attraction initiatives, spearheading DC’s inaugural Inclusive Smart Cities Summit to attract and engage CEOs of tech businesses as well as the WeDC Campaign, DC’s 10,000 person activation during SXSW that has outperformed the likes of consumer brands such as Facebook and Snapchat. She has worked on digital marketing campaigns for Harvard, NASA, Booz Allen, and Honda, among others.
As the Founder of The Women in Tech Campaign which elevates leaders in the tech sector through storytelling and connects them through on and offline events. She has profiled over 300 women in 13+ countries and partnered with leaders in tech such as Nokia, AOL, and more. She is also a 500-hour yoga instructor who resides in Washington, DC.


Melanie Gilarsky, Chief Operating Officer. Melanie runs operations, logistics and all events for the Women in Tech Campaign.

She currently runs events for The Hamilton Project, an arm of the Brookings Institute. She graduated from The George Washington University in 2012. Prior to joining The Hamilton Project, she worked in events and social media for the Communications Department of the Motion Picture Association of America, press and events for the 2012 Obama for America – Florida reelection campaign, and events for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. As an undergraduate, she was an intern for the USAID Office of Special Events and Protocol, the offices of Congressmen John Sarbanes [MD3] and C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger [MD2], APCO Worldwide, Andrew Stephenson MP – U.K. House of Commons, the U.S. Treasury Office of Public Affairs and the GO Project educational program.