Julie Weber

How do you believe you use your strengths in the context of your work?

I have become known for breaking down the status quo. As a ‘disruptor’, this is something that I see as a strength in doing this for my clients. I love the change the way that people see themselves and challenging what people think.

I like to bring big ideas and grand visions to brainstorming – when we pare it back down, the better it’ll be.

What has been an unexpected challenge along the way?

An unexpected challenge is navigating my own pride. For the longest time, most of my ideas were shot down or I wasn’t getting credit for my ideas. Once I started getting into leadership positions, I was overshadowing others through my hard work, but I have to work harder to bring everyone along. My role as a leader is to inspire, not to hold others back.

Who or what motivates you?

Mel, my business partner motivates me — we push each other more because we’re so different. My husband is incredibly supportive, very loving and accepting, doesn’t expect me to be anything except myself.

Was there a moment in your life where you decided to change paths/pivot? If so, what was it?

I started my career as a writer for B2B publications; I grew up writing, started writing, was hellbent on becoming a novelist. I thought I would enjoy a career in writing, but I didn’t enjoy business writing — but it pushed me into creative communications. It made me realize how you can use creativity to inspire your operation teams, who become your core customer service. It taught me so much about how to take this fundamental talent.

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