Theresa Adade

How do you believe you use your strengths in the context of your work?

I use my strengths to motivate young girls to use their youth to develop themselves in Accra, Ghana.

Tell us about your background: What are you doing now and where did you get your start?

I am a passionate young woman who grew up in a typical village in Accra, Ghana. I had a natural passion to make it in life and have been privileged to get several scholarships to go to school. I am currently the Head of International Roaming Business for a non-profit. 

Detail a day in your life — from wake to sleep.

Ensure my kids are set for school and I get myself ready for work. I then do my daily bible reading and drive to work. I try to listen to the radio every day to know issues and politics in my country. Once I get to work and prepare myself breakfast I get to my inbox, read pending emails and attend to them. I am in meetings throughout the day and my main focus is to engage our team. Before I head home, I ensure to document pending issues for the next day and prep tomorrow’s to-do list. I then get home and prepare my family for the next day.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Drive your passion to achieve results

What is one word or phrase that describes your leadership style?

One team one mission … It is key for me to manage the emotions of each member of my team


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